Julius Caesar: The Man, the Writer, the Legend

The Center for the Liberal Arts and Arthur Vining Davis Foundations are pleased to present

Julius Caesar: The Man, the Writer, the Legend

Organizerd by John F. Miller, Professor of Classics, UVA

Gaius Julius Caesar (10044 BC) is an iconic figure in the history of western civilization. An
accomplished general who conquered Gaul for the Roman state, he turned his armies to personal
advantage in a civil war from which he emerged victorious. An innovative, if controversial, ruler, he
was also a distinguished orator, a respected writer of military memoirs, and made an important
contribution to culture by introducing the Julian calendar. Legends of Caesar began with Caesar
himself but thereafter enjoyed a long and varied life both within classical antiquity and continuing
until today. Caesar's conquest of Gaul, crossing of the Rubicon, liaison with Cleopatra, and his
assassination by Brutus and the other conspirators are all the stuff of legend, which one can see
played out from Plutarch and Suetonius to Machiavelli and Shakespeare to John Wilkes Booth,
Caesar's Palace, and HBO's Rome (among others).

This workshop offers several different perspectives on Julius Caesar and his legend. The speakers
will focus on Caesar as general and statesman, the accomplishment of Caesar as a writer in his Gallic Wars, and Shakespeare's play, Julius Caesar. There will be ample time for discussion of all these topics and of teaching Caesar in the high school classroom. The workshop is aimed at teachers across the high school curriculum, whether of English, Latin, Social Studies, or other subjects.

Participants are asked to read book 1 of Caesar's Gallic Wars and Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

The presentations will be by three UVa professors:

Jon E. Lendon, Professor of History

Jane W. Crawford, Professor of Classics

Gordon Braden, Linden Kent Memorial Professor of English.



March 24, 2012 10:00am to 3:00pm

Zehmer Hall

University of Virginia

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