Teacher Resources

Classroom Materials Developed by Teachers


Teacher-Developed Materials: Odyssey: prt. 1 by Paul Perrot

Teacher-Developed Materials: Odyssey: prt. 2 by Jen Swalec


New American History Curiosity and Innovation Plan by Annie Evans

Learning Justice Resources by Grade Level by 2021 CLA program attendees and Maureen Costello

Virginia, We need to talk by Antoinette Waters and Michelle Cottrell-Williams

Teaching Democracy in the Classroom

Civic Rights, Responsibilities, and Opportunities by Christina Takach

Governing America by Kimberly Dove

Living Democratically by Allen K. Robinson

Realizing the American Dream by Cluny Brown

The Presidency by Joseph Servis

Video recording of the workshop (October 22, 2022)


General Resources for Teachers by Subject


American Panorama, University of Richmond


Capitol Classroom

Democracy in Danger Open Source Curriculum

Encyclopedia Virginia

Learning Justice Classroom Resources

Learning Justice "Teaching Hard History 6-12 Framework" 

National Endowment for the Humanities

National History Education Clearinghouse

Teachers in the Movement, UVA Curry School

The Illusion of Progress

The Carter G. Woodson Institute

Virginia Humanities

Virginia Historical Society

Virginia Holocaust Museum



Furious Flower Poetry Center, James Madison University

American Shakespeare Center

Dante Alighieri Society of Virginia

Richmond Edgar Allen Poe Museum

Faulkner at Virginia

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn @ UVA

Virginia is for Teachers (blog)


Resources from Past Programs

Teaching Anti-Racist History 2021 Presented by Justin Reid, UVA,  Meredith Howard, and Christopher Mathews

Race and America 2021 Presented by Johari Harris, UVA

Teaching the Truth 2021 Presented by Ed Ayers and Annie Evans, University of Richmond

Explorando la cultura hispana 2021 Presented by Kit Decker, PVCC

Digital Resources Beyond the Required Curriculum Presented by Katrina Spencer, UVA


The Central Virginia Writing Project

The Center for Liberal Arts manages the Central Virginia Writing Project, the local branch of the National Writing Project. It is located in the Curry School of Education and Human Development. Please contact us for information on CVWP initiatives.

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